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Text Box: Smoked salmon has long been a luxury throughout the world. Now, Original Smokehouse® brand brings you the finest quality smoked salmon available. The rich packaging is designed to attract the most discerning and gourmet conscience consumers. Whether it is our boxed fillets, cans, pate or succulent jerky, we guarantee your, and your customers’, highest satisfaction.
Versatile, these products are the ideal gift, great for entertaining or enhancing recipes. Enjoy alone or with crackers, blend into pasta, chowders, salads, or sandwich spreads. 
Original Smokehouse®…the classic quality you can trust.

Established in early 1999, Oregon Smoked Foods, Inc. is a family-owned company that takes great pride in the products we make and sell.  Started by Terry Lyons and his son-in-law Troy Johnson, it didn't take long until their loving and supportive wives (Joy Lyons and Angie Lyons-Johnson) joined to help make the company grow.   By following the simple philosophy of providing customers with the highest quality, most attractive products at a reasonable prices ensuring great value and customer satisfaction, our products are now sought throughout the country.     






Oregon Smoked Foods, Inc.

Main Office
PO Box 1524
Wilsonville OR 97070
Voice: 503-685-9044
Fax: 503-682-0164




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